Enforcing documentation discipline in an organization

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Documentation discipline should be enforced in an organization. All employees should have a habit of making proper documentation of/in their work. 

Lets say, How documentation required in Software developer’s work :

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  1. First, Developer must have a proper SRS( software requirement specification) before writing to code.
  2. Developer should write proper comments in his code because it will be easier for the other developer(who will work next on the same code) to understand the existing code in a better way.  
  3. It is developers responsibility to properly document their software’s working means, how the software’s functionality works, prerequisite for the software etc.

Documentation management is necessary for organization because :

  1. Increase Collaboration & Communication
  2. Reliable Document Version Control
  3. Increase Time-Cost Savings
  4. Eases Accessibility
  5. Increase Productivity

So now the question is, How can we enforce Documentation discipline in an organization ? 

  1. organization should consider it as integral part of work.
  2. Proper resources should be made available to build document management system whether its human resource or technical resource
  3. procedures should be set up to create or review documentation
  4. Management should not be lenient on part of documentation, management should never say like  “ as time running short , so just create the system and make the documentation later”.
  5. Phase should not be considered complete until documentation is done.
  6. Coding should not be considered done unless its has required comment lines.


Rating - 3/5