System Selection plan and proposal Prototyping

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System selection plan

System selection means selecting the various hardware, software, and services that are needed for implanting the system. Before the system selection can be done, it is necessary to know the capabilities of required proposed system . The volumes to be processed need to be know. The level of Competence of the staff should be assessed. It should include the current requirements and what is required to expand the system.

For example one may need to have more storage if the volume of transactions goes up. Considerations like compatibility and interfacing should be clearly stated. Upgradability should also specified-such as a new process.

After the system requirements are understood, specification for the systems to be acquired and prepared. These are used to prepare a Request for proposal . The RFP is sent to the vendor from the vendor database or is used to advertise for bids from vendors. The RFP should clearly contain:

  • Complete system specification.
  • Related price, term, time frame for delivery, etc.
  • Requirements of training from other services from vendor for any of these to be specific as a part of the bid, or an enquiry to know the availability and prices.
  • Warranties and Contractual limitations.
  • Service agreements and penalty clauses if any.
  • Vendor information required such as
  • Reference sites
  • Location of service centers and strength of service staff
  • Financial service of vendor

The Role of prototyping in Analysis

Prototyping is a means that is being increasingly used to gather the requirement specifications from users.
This is found useful in a number of situations, like:

  • Where the user is unable to articulate the requirements.
  • User cannot visualize the systems he wants, specially new users who have no idea of what a system could look like.
  • When the environment is new and not fully understood by the users or analyst.
  • Where the requirements are expected to evolve. For example, a decision support system, where the users wants to have an idea of what the system can do come up with more requirements.
  • Where the uncertainty is high.

Rating - 4/5