Generations Of Computers

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What generation a computer belongs to is determined by the technology it uses. Table 1.1 shows the technology used in the different generations of computers. With advancement in the generation, the performance of computers improved not only due to the implementation of better hardware technology but also superior operating systems and other software utilities.

Table 1.1

Generation Number Technology Operating System Year Of Introduction Specific Computers
1 Vaccum Tube None 1945 Mark 1
2 Transistor None 1956 IBM 1401, ICL 1901, B5000, MINSK-2
3 SSI and MSI Yes 1964 IBM S/360/370, UNIVAC 1100, HP 9810
4 LSI and VLSI Yes 1971 ICL 2900, HP 9845A, VAX 11/780, ALTAIR 8800, IBM PC
5 HAL Yes Present and beyond  -


Rating - 3/5