Modulation And Demodulation

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Modulation is defined as the process of varying some characteristics (amplitude, frequency or phase ) of a carrier wave in accordance to the amplitude of messaging signal or modulating signal, m(t). acircuit which provide modulation is called modulators.

Modulation And Demodulation

Fig:- Basic diagram of modulation

Modulators converts:

  1. Low frequency signal to a high frequency signal
  2. A baseband signal into bandpass signal
  3. A wideband signal into narrow- band signal.
  • Demodulation

The process of recovering the original signal from the modulated wave is known as demodulation or detection. At the broadcasting station, modulation is done to transmit the audio signal over larger distances to a receiver. When the modulated wave is picked up by the radio receiver, it is necessary to recover the audio signal from it. This process is accomplished in the radio receiver and is called demodulation.


Modulation And Demodulation


Author : Arusha Ahmed

Rating - 4/5