Applications of simple Harmonic motion

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So far, we’ve looked at a grand total of one situation in which simple harmonic motion (SHM) occurs: a body attached to an ideal horizontal spring. But SHM can occur in any system in which there is a restoring force that is directly proportional to the displacement from equilibrium, as given by Eq. (14.3), Fx = -kx. The restoring force originates in different ways in different situations, so we must find the force constant k for each case by examining the net force on the system. Once this is done, it’s straightforward to find the angular frequency v, frequency f, and period T; we just substitute the value of k into Eqs. (14.10), (14.11), and (14.12), respectively. Let’s use these ideas to examine several examples of simple harmonic motion

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Rating - 4/5

Rating - 4/5