List of Logic Microoperations

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There are 16 different logic operations that can be performed with two binary variables. They can be determined from all possible truth tables obtained with two binary variables as shown in Table 4-5. In this table, each of the 16 columns F0 through F15 represents a truth table of one possible Boolean function for the two variables x and y. Note that the functions are determined from the 16 binary combinations that can be assigned to F.




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The 16 Boolean functions of two variables x and y are expressed in algebraic form in the first column of Table 4-6. The 16 logic microoperations are derived from these functions by replacing variable x by the binary content of register A and variable y by the binary content of register B. It is important to realize that the Boolean functions listed in the first column of Table 4-6 represent a relationship between two binary variables x and y. The logic microoperations listed in the second column represent a relationship between the binary content of two registers A and B. Each bit of the register is treated as a binary variable and the microoperation is performed on the string of bits stored in the registers.

Rating - 3/5

Rating - 3/5